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Mount Liberation

A third person action/stealth adventure inspired by the Uncharted- and Tomb Raider franchises.
Focus Areas:
Level Design & Level Art.


- additional projects of note


These are full game experiences made at The Game Assembly working tightly together with

artists & programmersThese games run on game engines that we as a group construct from scratch.


SPITE: Divine Descent

- a top down sightseeing and monster slaying adventure

Practicing foreshadowing of areas with vistas as well as optimizing for our game engines was a focus in this project.



- a moody, mobile puzzle platformer

My first mobile game project and the first game at TGA I composed music for.

Hell Ascending_edited.jpg

Hell Ascending

- a 2D shoot-em-up through the heavens

A practice in 2D boss- and bullet pattern design and interdisciplinary communication in my first year at TGA.


Cheese Punk

- escape a factory as a rat in a chaotic obstacle course

My very first game project at The Game Assembly and my first experience with the Unity game engine.

Lost Harmony.jpg

Lost Harmony

- a musical trek through the wilds

A collaborative project together with professional musicians who composed adaptive music that I used as a level design tool.

Skärmavbild 2023-04-17 kl. 03.23.23 (1).jpg

Solar Uprising

- a swift first person wallrunner set in an overgrown future

Spaceplanning, metrics and fast iteration were critical factors in landing this game project.

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